Random musings of a mother gone mad

step away from the refrigerator

How many times have you done this with the refrigerator…

You know you’re not hungry.

Yet you keep going back for more.

Well at least somebody finally had the wherewithal to stand up and speak the truth.

Even if it was a stupid fridge.

That can’t really speak.

Isn’t it funny how we say stuff like that to ourselves…

“The fridge is my friend.”

“The food was calling my name.”

“The scale told me I was fat.”


C’mon, let’s tell ourselves the truth my lovelies.

Who’s really telling you this stuff?

‘Cause I’m guessing it’s your inner Laverne.  Or maybe Shirley.

Don’t fall for it.  They’re just messin’ with ya.

It’s their modus operandi.

They think they’re helping you but they’re not.  Because they’re actually children who live in your mind.  They tell you things from a child’s perspective.  Your childhood perspective.

Basically, Laverne and Shirley are a couple o’ freaks. We need to love them, despite their childish ways.

And because…

You are an adult now.

You are all grown up.

You don’t speak to food, or the refrigerator, or the scale.

You speak to You.

You can start to speak the truth.  Your truth.

What’s your truth?

What are you really hungry for?

A fellow adult I know and love and admire once told me (something like):

If hunger isn’t really the freakin’ problem, the freakin’ fridge is not going to be the freakin’ solution.

Find the solution.

Live your life.

Get your ass outta the fridge.