Random musings of a mother gone mad

THIS is how you find ME time.

I need me some me time.

“But there is no me in time,” she exclaimed with complete and utter exasperation.

Wait… yes there is! Do you see it? (Yes, ‘it’ is also in there. Hint: it’s backwards)

Of course, if you don’t know how to find ‘me‘ then you’re going to miss an amazing opportunity for some serious me-time.

Okay, let’s back up a little. I can see that finding me is not going to be easy.

Let’s practice, shall we?

Can you find me in the mess?

How about in overwhelmed? Do you see me now?

Do you see me in this peanut butter cup?

C’mon, look harder!!!! Don’t let that disguise fool you. Me is in there!

That’s why it’s very important that you take some time to find me.

Otherwise, me gets very very cranky.

Me needs time.

Why is this so hard to explain?

Would it help if I put it in mathematical terms?



The things I do for you!

the worst mother

Am I finally making sense?

I knew you’d get it eventually.

So, go on… Get some me time.

It’s all about me.


Psssst: Lookin’ for some ‘me‘ time. Perhaps THIS will help?  

Tell me how you find ‘me’ time, in the comments below. (I love comments. Hit me with one!)